Thursday, May 04, 2006


The following are the best words in the English langauge - appropriately ordered.

A - Acetonic
B - Bourgeoisie
C - Castrated
D - Defenestration
E - Evisceral
F - Finger-bangable
G - Garrotted
H - Hoi polloi
I - Infanticidal
J - Jismy
K - Klu-klux-klanishly
L - Laudanum
M - Mastication
N - Nicationless
O - Obsequiescences
P - Perfidious
Q - Qwerl
R - Rancorous
S - Septic
T - Tick-laden
U - Uvuloid
V - Vermiform
W - Weeny
X - Xenophobia-phillia
Y - Ytteriumesque
Z - Zymerologist

Bring your own lists up to date with all speed - you tick-laden, jismy hoi polloi.

I don't know which makes me more infanticidal, the uvuloid qwerls of your spetic, vermiform bodies, or the way you so klu-klux-klanishly fail to offer up the proper obsquiescences to the zymerologists you so constantly patronize! (Ytteriumesque, acetonic sludge! The perfidious bougeoisie mastacating over its ales. I will take my laudnum, thank you.)

How you provoke my rancourous spirits! How the exclamatory sentences fly! In the perfect world you all would have your weeny castrated - preferably by means of garrotting - as an evisceral marker of your inferiority.

I swear, I would have you all defenestrated as quick as I could nictate if you weren't so fingerbangable.

-Philboyd Snrub, avowed xenophobiaphile

Post Script:

Did I use all the new words? Was I supposed to? Go back and count them, peon, if you think your decrepit brain can handle the task.
But oh, what do all these words mean, and do I have any promise that Mr. Snrub did not just make them up off the top of his head?
Beat your brow in frustration, cave-man, or buy a copy of the OED - the choice is yours, but do not blame me for the cultivated state of your ignorance.