Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tank Wipe


Today I get to be a tank wipe.
"Yes!" I find myself thinking, "Awesome!"
The tanks are metal and smooth and therefore will be much easier to clean than the awkward plastic mop bucket I had to dig spiderwebs an decrepit filth out of with the aid of my forefinger and dirty river water yesterday.
All that's to do before that is bandage the finger I cut while washing the badly damaged pot Mr. Ito is too stingy to replace and brush my teeth in the two and a half minutes left before Mr. Ito yells at me for being late. This was cut down from the hefty five minutes I was hoping to have left after washing up everyones breakfast plates (not counted into my time "working") because Mr. Ito detaind me to explain, in detail, which types of blankets we will be drying out later, and to tell me three times to wash the tanks with a cloth.
I am instead using these two and a half minute to write this, in order to keep my brains from exploding.