Friday, November 09, 2007

My October

I am spending my once-per-week day off in a distant town waiting with Mr. Ito for his daughter's dance recital to begin. To kill the time I struggle over a blank postcard.
I ask Mr. Ito what I should write and he tells me the following:

"I am splitting wood everyday. I'm so tired. Mr. Ito is always angry. >:(
So, I want to go home!", then he hits me on the head, which is how he demonstrates he is being playful.

This is largely an accurate and concise summary of my 5 weeks at Mr. Ito's house, so feel free to go ahead and skip over the next 20 or so postings if you are not particularly interested in the breakdown.

If you would like to journey with me through the longest month of my life and meet the least pleasant Japanese person I have yet encountered, then please read on.