Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh - Mr. Ito!


Wonderful! Mr. Ito has outdone himself, amazingly, yet again.

To begin, today I was told I must sweep out the dirt floor of the kiln room - yes apparently that is something you do and yes, I have been informed we "do it in America" and therefore I should know how.
This turns out to be an involved process involving a watering can and two types of rake. Fortunately Mr. Ito calmly explained what I was to do without making jeering comments about me to his friend.

Ah, wait - no strike that last part.

Mr. Ito explained later that much care must be paid because the kiln is the same as a church, the same as a temple, the same as a Shinto shrine. That it is, "a holy place, and we should clean it very neatly."
Immediately after saying this Mr. Ito hacked up a big loogie from way down in his throat and let fly onto the kiln floor, apparently unphased.