Saturday, February 04, 2006


A couple important pieces of errata for you here folks. All ears please. You, in the back, Shhhh! Can't you see that the fingers are up?

One, and most importantly, it is apparently not "kocho" but "koncho", with an "n". A kocho is a school principal. Do not complain to your teachers about the students giving you a "kocho" and then clearify for their puzzled gazes by mimicing an ass thrust. This does not win friends.

Two. As far as crapulous bowels go, that story is almost entirely based in reality, as are most of Snrub's spleeny rants. Pig entrail soup is actually quite savory.



Blogger elviegirl said...

Ah Dave... how we love your entries.


2/24/06, 9:57 AM  

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